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Video: OpenStack and its Open Source Cloud

Open Stack, the open cloud software project that got its start with Rackspace Hosting and NASA, has grown into an open source collaboration among 80 companies and more than 1,100 individual programmers. It now has three projects deployed – OpenStack Compute, OpenStack Object Storage and OpenStack Image Service – and the development effort continues. At the GigaOM Structure 2011 conference last week, I caught up with Rackspace’s Jonathan Bryce and asked him about the history of Open Stack, the latest developments and the future roadmap for the project. This video runs about 7 minutes.

DreamHost Offers Support for the Development of OpenStack

DreamHost, a global full-service Web hosting company, announced its decision to support the development of OpenStack, an open source cloud operating system. DreamHost has been supporting open source software and the open source community for years. OpenStack is expected to open standards for public and private clouds, and DreamHost wants to assist the OpenStack project to mature through their ongoing contributions.

Cisco and OpenStack

OpenStack is the new star in the open cloud business, but some of the companies working with it aren’t known for their open source credentials. Take Cisco, which has more often run into trouble with open source than been known as a great contributor to it. Simon Bisson caught up with Cisco’s cloud computing CTO Lew Tucker to find out what the networking giant was planning.

OpenStack実用化への勢い ~NASAは開発から使う立場へシフト

今回は、連載第3回「OpenStack Compute、Novaの利用方法」の予告から予定を変更して、2011年4月末に米国西海岸で開催された開発者の会議であるデザインサミットでのトピックを中心に、その後のコミュニティー動向も含めて、OpenStackプロジェクトの今後について紹介する。

Calxeda Joins OpenStack Community; Leads ARM-based Server Movement for Emerging "Green Clouds"

Austin, TX, June 22, 2011 – Calxeda, the company changing the data center and server market with high performance, low power semiconductors, today announced it has joined OpenStack, the global collaboration of developers and cloud computing technologists producing the open source cloud computing platform for public and private clouds. Calxeda joins the OpenStack community to help extend cloud offerings to ARM-based server systems, and commits to fully supporting the OpenStack project and ecosystem.

Opscode Eyes Enterprise Clouds with Private Chef

Effective automation is a critical step in making cloud computing work. One of the leading players in the cloud automation sector, Opscode, has made a series of announcements today that highlight the growth of the company and expand its services to the private cloud market. Opscode rolled out the new announcements at the start of the O’Reilly Velocity Conference, a three-day event in Santa Clara, Calif. focused on boosting performance in large-scale web infrastructure. The company announced the general availability of its Hosted Chef, its hosted platform to automate cloud infrastructure. Opscode also introduced Private Chef, which packages its server configuration management tools in an appliance that can run behind a corporate firewall.

Cloud Computing Reviews StackOps Distribution Offers an Introduction to OpenStack Cloud

OpenStack is out to be the Linux of the cloud infrastructure world—the project, founded by NASA and Rackspace, is aimed at rounding up the various compute, storage and networking components that make up a public or private cloud into an open-source cloud operating system. Just as most people who use and deploy Linux rely on distributions to take care of the many packaging and configuration details required to get up and running, the OpenStack world will have its own distributions.