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OpenStack の Design Summit が終了 – 2つの次期リリースが計画される

SAN ANTONIO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OpenStack™, は、広範囲におよぶデベロッパーと企業によりサポートされる、オープンソース・クラウド・プロジェクトであり、先週最初のパブリック Design Summit を終了した。そこには、90の企業と、14ヶ国から集まった250人以上の人々が参加し、「Bexar」および「Cactus」というコードネームを付けられた、2つの次期リリースが計画された。 この Summit は、San Antonio, Texas の Weston Centre で開催され、このオープンソース・プロジェクトの創立メンバーである Rackspace Hosting により、4日間におよぶイベントが主催された。「先週の OpenStack Design Summit では、次期リリースとして計画される 2つのコードについて、開発からドキュメントとディプロイメントにいたるまで、重要な事柄を学習し、また決定するために、OpenStack コミュニティのメンバーが集合した」

OpenStack Weekly Newsletter (November 13 – 19)

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OpenStack Design Summit
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OpenStack Plans Next Two Cloud Platform Releases at First Public Design Summit

OpenStack™, an open source cloud project with broad developer and commercial support, completed its first public Design Summit last week, which attracted more than 250 people from 90 companies and 14 countries to plan the next two releases, code-named ‘Bexar’ and ‘Cactus.’ Taking place at the Weston Centre in San Antonio, Texas, the four-day event was hosted by Rackspace® Hosting, a founding member of the open source project.

The OpenStack Design Summit featured two separate tracks, one consisting of developer-led sessions to plan the next two code releases, and one for interested users and the partner ecosystem to discuss deployment and commercial opportunities. The Summit also featured an ‘InstallFest,’ where attendees were able to test and document the installation process on a live, on-site environment provided by Dell and powered by the company’s PowerEdge C server line.

OpenStack Design Summit – Developer Interviews

There are many videos floating around the Internet from last week’s OpenStack Design Summit and I plan to organize them all on a new event page for Design Summit on In the meantime, I did several short interviews with developers at the event that are now available for your review. Please turn your volume UP as the Flip video camera doesn’t have the greatest microphone. Also, if you are interested in uploading your videos into the OpenStack Vimeo site please contact me.

OpenStack Design Summit Business Track

I am pleased to announce the Design Summit Business Track held on Day 1 and 2 of the event next week. The Technical Track is being developed by the development community and will be run real-time at the event itself. Please note that last minute changes can and do occur with any event schedule so please understand that this plan is as close to final as possible.

Event registration is still open at

DAY 1 MORNING : General Session

General Session: The summit opening presentations provide a high level overview of the  OpenStack project from the Chief Stacker as well as the latest insight from Rackspace and NASA on their contributions and plans. It is also a pleasure to welcome Joe Tobolski to  present his views on the impact of OpenStack on enterprise computing. Finally, Jonathan Bryce offers insight into the Architecture Board, its new members, and role within  the OpenStack community. Welcome to OpenStack Design Summit and please be sure to take advantage of all the networking opportunities as well as sessions planned for your benefit.