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OpenStackは2011年4月15日、仮想マシンや仮想ストレージなどのITインフラを提供するIaaSを構築できる「OpenStack」の最新版となる「Cactus」を公開した。IaaS構築ソフトとして必要な機能が一通りそろった。 OpenStack Cactusは、オープンソースのIaaS(Infrastructure as a Service)構築プラットフォームだ。仮想マシンや仮想ネットワークといった複数ある仮想化ソフトを統合管理する“司令塔”として動作し、クラウドサービスとして運用するためのAPIやユーザーインタフェースを提供する。

Coming up in OpenStack Cactus…

In a bit more than a week, we will hit FeatureFreeze for OpenStack “Cactus” cycle, so we start to have a good idea of what new features will make it. The Cactus cycle focus was on stability, so there are fewer new features compared to Bexar, but the developers still achieved a lot in a couple of months…

Swift (OpenStack object storage)
The Swift team really focused and stability and performance improvements this cycle. I will just single out the refactoring of the proxy to make backend requests concurrent, and improvements on sqlite3 indexing as good examples of this effort.

Glance (OpenStack image registry and delivery service)
Bexar saw the first release of Glance, and in Cactus it was vastly improved to match standards we have for the rest of OpenStack: logging, configuration and options parsing, use of paste.deploy and non-static versioning, database migrations…

Nova (OpenStack compute)
A lot of the feature work in Nova for Cactus revolved around the OpenStack API 1.1 and exposing features through XenServer (migration, resize, rescue mode, IPv6, file and network injection…).